What On Earth Will It Take?
Thou Art God!

I speak as a citizen of the Unites States of America, where individual freedom, the rights of the individual, is enshrined in the Constitution. I look at Europe and our Great Country and fear for Our future. Mass movements, social movements, begin on a high ideal, on ideals of social justice, but they are most often submerge the individual, and thus the voice of common morality.

Common morality, that which is taught to our youth at an early age; usually in a religious setting and sponsored by (in modern Western Society) the rules and regulations known as Abrahamic religions. They are one of the three major divisions in comparative religion, along with Indian religions (Dharmic) and East Asian religions (Taoic). All these follow basic moral principles necessary for a successful Civilization and ability of Man to living amongst Men.

We live at a time when the voice of the individual is needed as at no other time in history. We stand, in front of history, able to shape it, able to throw off inevitability, to shake off those who would have us believe that fate is not ours to control., to show that Men left to their own devices are not foredoomed to destruction and war.

We stand at a time of changing technology. The ability of massively parallel communications channels available on a Global basis. Individuals from almost any part of the Planet may freely communicate with other individuals or groups almost anywhere there is a Network connection. Secrets are no longer as easy to keep. Massive security failures in both government and private institutions occur almost daily. Fraud and deceit are disclosed and uncovered as these secrets are more and more difficult to maintain. The time for TRUTH may be at hand.

The age of World Wars has succumbed to Global regional strife, discontent and abuse of the powerful over those individuals who have no power by themselves. There is a Global lack of leadership and an overall pervasive corruption in government agencies and those who wish to rule. Yes rule, NOT lead. We are without leadership in Our County as well as across the Planet. Governments are mostly controlled by massive Global Corporations who's monied power base control the weak minded/willed politicians in most countries. These Global Corporations seek control over basic food supplies, medicines and energy systems that allow them to dictate to governments and populations; forcing them to do their bidding. All for the sake of power and control.

If we are to throw off this yoke of increasing suppression, liken to slavery, we must act now while we have the freedom of expression that the Global Internet provides. We must avoid localized völkisch like movements that provided the foundation for socialism, communism and even Nazism in Europe. This has been tried and proven to be an utter failure. Only individual Freedom can survive. The Freedom of individuals to not force or suppress the freedoms of others. Truly we must embrace the “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” philosophy.

We are at the forefront of an age where space exploration and adventure are possible. Beyond our own planetary system we have the untold future of the Human Race to embrace and explore. Only Individual Freedom can allow us to accomplish this; suppression of one man's freedom by another must be thing of the past. A form of rational self-interest and common partnership should form the basis of industry and governments.

There is no need for hunger, starvation and illness; just as there is no need to forcefully take from the productive and give to the less productive. All should strive for the success and wealth as the individual desires. There is plenty of wealth to supply everyone. It is the laziness and brutality that causes much of the strife by those who seek power over others. There are civilized laws to prevent this; we just need honorable men willing to enforce them to stand tall and refuse to be intimidated by the few who wish to gain power over the many. If we as individuals stand together, promote individual welfare and freedom to succeed we can defeat the corruption so prevalent in governments and soulless corporations.

As technology provides us the means to communicate and join together as strongly independent individuals committed to a Free Society it also offers the ability/tools/power to corrupt the many by the few and powerful. But only if we let them. Exposing the graft, corruption, dishonesty in governments, corporations and powerful individuals strips them of their power over others.

Truth and Freedom will out if we stand strong and become like the Heroes of the Ancient Past. Let us all be modern day heroes to stand against the corrupt, dishonest and evil forces and individuals who attempt to suppress individual freedom and success.