What On Earth Will It Take?
Thou Art God!

Does God Exist?

I have read several novels by Robert J. Sawyer and he quite eloquently posits several interesting scenarios concerning the existance of a 'God' or Supreme Being, Creator of the Universe.  I encourage you to explore his books as he presents thought provoking quandaries.

If we consider our Planetary position in our Galaxy (Milky Way) and it's position in the untold Galaxies of our Universe and the possibility of untold numbers of Universes, we may ask ourselves WHY?

Why do Humans seem to seek to rationalize our existance with a God?  It seems to be in the very DNA of our existance that we seek and desire to understand our place in the Universe(s).  Why do we exist?  It is this very self awareness that sparks the curiosity and need to know.  If WE exist, are there 'Others' out in the boundless star systems?  Could WE be the accident that spawns a Galactic Civilization?  Were WE an accident; an accident with a purpose?

There really is no way to currently ascertain the truth.  We DO exist.  We Create our Own Purpose.  Do we need God?  If so, WHY?

If one is to believe ancient texts, specifically the Bible of Abrahamic Cultures, a God has intervened in Human affairs.  Furthermore, he plays favorites!  At least according the the Bible.  Other ancient writings all seem to point to a Supreme Being(s) that interacted with ancient civilizations.  Sometimes with specific individuals.  One wonders why did that intervention seem to fizzle out?

We are still here, is God?  Makes you wonder doesn't it.  Now some say they converse with God, but none have been able to show direct tangible and imperical proof.  Miracles?  Well, there certainly have been miraculous events.  Cures for disease; amazing displays of healing that do seem to be occuring in modern times.  Are these the direct intervention of God, or is it something, yet unrevealed character/power of Humankind?

There have been God-like individuals throughout history who have seemingly displayed miraculous powers.  Most are related to healing of human conditions.  Miracle or Magic? Arthur C. Clarke's Third Law: "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

So is it magic or science; a science we don't YET understand?  Our technology continues to develop at an exponential pace.  Many refer to Moore's Law that says technology will double every year.  We have seen pundits say that we are reaching the end of this cycle, YET, technology and scientific discoveries continue to accelerate.

Anyone will acknowledge that presented with today's technologies, a primitive man or even a Thomas Edison would be astounded at the developments.  A man (or woman) 2000 years ago might take our technological capabilities as miraculous.  How do we evaluate miracles?  We call events we cannot explain miraculous.  We can't explain the event but observe the result.

As our technologies advance, we follow the science.  New discoveries lead to accidents and accidental incites.  All of these pave the way for Human advancement. Arthur C. Clarke's First Law: "When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right. When he states that something is impossible, he is very probably wrong."

We have no means to predict the future, but we can postulate the possibilities and guess at the probabilities.  Pundits do it constantly; mostly are ignored as they are spouting drivel.  Some who look to the past may well help us predict the future.  Science is what we have to guide us and help develop and support the advancement of Humankind.

Organized Religion

The biggest hurdle seems to be, and has been for centuries, formalized Religion.  Once a belief systems develops an 'organizational structure there evolve 'leaders'.  Leaders seek a control structure formulated in a belief systems to strengthen their position of power.  This has created endless conflicts which we see apparent today.

Most historical 'religious' figures never proposed to build an organization.  Sure, religious figures had apostles and followers who in turn attempted to preach and entice new believers, but none actually had much of an organization.  Their actions demonstrated their beliefs.  Their deeds and lessons support the belief system they espoused.  Belief systems evolve in this manner.  Moral systems are often based on religious principles.  The Abrahamic Laws and others are, more often and not, pretty in tune with behavior necessary to support civilization.  These formalized codices have been taught for all of recorded history.  Were they dictated by God, or did they evolve as a necessity for basic Human Civilization?

Let's face it, most of the religious principles and basic teachings have much in common.  It is the Organizations that expand and develop rules and interpretations that are used to control the membership.  Is this necessary, I don't believe so.  In fact, historically, religions have been the basis for most wars and conflicts.  Belief systems clash when one wishes to dominate the other.  This is infantile and unproductive.  Little benefit has ever been realized by forcing a belief system of one population upon another.  Only strife and tragedy ensue.  Revolt by the dominated populace is the end result.

The one guiding principle we should follow is "Do Unto Others as You Would Have Them Do Unto You!"  As a concept, the Golden Rule has a history that long predates the term"Golden Rule" As a concept of "the ethic of reciprocity," it has its roots in a wide range of world cultures, and is a standard way that different cultures use to resolve conflicts. It has a long history, and a great number of prominent religious figures and philosophers have restated its reciprocal, "two-way" nature in various ways.

As a basis for Civilized conduct, it is simply the only one that is needed.  All the rest of civilized laws revolve around this one 'Let's get along' philosophy.  Freedom for all is a relatively new concept as civilized societies go.  Often viewed as an impossible concept, the American society has long supported this 'Fundamental Principle'.

As science has advanced (and continues to do so), our concepts of civilization have not kept pace.  Indeed, from a sociological viewpoint we have not progressed much beyond the Feudal States of Europe's past.  Many countries continue to live in primitive conditions.  Why, because of the petty control freaks who rule/dominate their localized countries.  Freedom struggles to arise as we see localized struggles.  It is erupting against the forces of control and dominance.  Freedom as the USA Founding Fathers espouses is truly an Inalienable Right.

Civilized rules, brought forth under the constraints of the Golden Rule should support individual Freedom as long as they do not suppress or interfere with anothers ability to live Free.  To paraphrase Isaac Asimov's 'Three Laws of Robitics':

  • A Human may not injure another human being or, through inaction, allow another human being to come to harm.

  • A Human must follow the 'Golden Rule',“Do Unto Others as You Would Have Them Do Unto You", except where such actions would conflict with the First Law.

  • A Human must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Laws.

Freedom to live and let live is the usual mode for most civilized individuals.  It is a lot of work to try to suppress other's individual freedoms.  American Society has demonstrated that diverse populations can and do co-exist in a civilized manner.  It is the political power seekers that are the ones who sow disdain and conflict.

With the power of our current technology, we have the ability to expose the corruption, deceit and yes, evil, that many try to exercise.  It is the control and dominance of the power seekers that threaten our very existance.  People are engaging worldwide in conversations that inspect and expose various destructive systems and the world views that put them in place, supporting the emergence of greater integrity and morality in the process.

With the Freedom that is currently available with the World Internet communities, individuals are free to communicate with each other.  Many have differing views of how a World Order should evolve, but what if we didn't need a World Order.  What if we were all Free to decide and choose how and where to live.  What to believe in and how to prosper.  Ingenuity and independence, supported by a free and open exchange of ideas and ideals will foster a new enlightenment.

A more formalized concept of what this may evolve to be can be found with the Thrive Movement. Developing a truly Global Free exchange of ideas, cultural concepts and belief systems will enable a productive merging of our Planetary Civilization.  War and violence is counter-productive.  It is a symptom of insecurity and impotence.  Those who try to bully, intimidate and control must be restrained and eliminated.  The true Freedom we have at hand with the Internet must remain FREE if we are to enable our Future.

What of Religion?